Children's Folklore Festival "Veselyache" is traditionally held around June 1 - International Children's Day.

In 2022 the festival will be held on 4 (Saturday) and 5 (Sunday) June.


  • Provide an opportunity to express themselves and to find talented children.
  • To stimulate the interest of more young people to the arts and folklore.
  • To create new friendships and to develop friendship among the Balkan Peninsula.


The beneficiaries are children under 19 years divided into two categories with five sections, each has three age groups.

Groups Category:

  • Folk singing Groups
  • Folk instruments orchestra
  • Dance groups

Category Individual Performers:

  • Performers of folk songs
  • Performers of folk instruments

Age groups for each section in the categories

  • First group - to 9 years
  • Second group - from 10 to 14 years
  • Third group - from 15 to 19 years

Ensembles that perform songs, dances and folk instruments themselves determined in their request, in which section of the category groups to compete.


  • groups category - up to 10 minutes
  • category individual performers – up to 5 minutes

Each organization determines the number of groups and individual participants who will present it. There are no restrictions on the number of participants.

Applicants complete an application form and send it to the address or e-mail no later than 30th of May 2022.

The timing of appearance is determined by the organizers and sent to all organizations applied for participation after 2th of June 2022.

The organizers reserve the right to photograph, film and record performances of participants without paying rights and benefits.

The organizers are not liable for copyright infringement by the participants in the festival. Compliance with copyright and related rights is the responsibility of the participants and they should comply with it when preparing their performances.

Фестивалът е с конкурсен характер.

All participants should be dressed in costumes. Musical accompaniment is optional. Travel expenses and accommodation are paid by the participants. Organizers Securing breakfast on the day of the competition.

Ranking and Awards:

Performers will be judged by a competent professional jury.

For each age group of individual sections, within the categories will be awarded:

  • First place
  • Second place
  • Third place
  • Special awards
  • Sponsors awards.

All individual participants and groups receive a diploma.

Classification is announced after the performances of all participants.

This status is open and the organizers can amend it as needed over the next editions of the festival.

At the request of the participants, the hosts assist in accommodation and catering in the days of the festival.