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The big star of the Bulgarian stage, frontman of "Trick" and a participant in dozens of music formats, contests and entertainment shows of the leading national TV channels in Bulgaria - Assoc.Prof.Etienne Levy, will be honorary chairman of the ninth Children's Folklore Festival "Veselyache", which will be held on 28.05.2016 (Saturday) in the town of Kresna.

We didn't have long to persuade Etienne to accept because folk rhythms and authentic Bulgarian folklore are his long-held passion. With its vast professional vocal and pedagogical experience star from Music Idol 1, Music Idol 2, Dancing Stars 2, X Factor, "Music Academy" and running now on Nova TV show "Your Face Sounds Familiar" will jury all performances of the participants in the festival from the very beginning at 9:00 am. until the end of the program at 19:00.

"With great pleasure I accept I want to say that I am honored to be part of the children's folk festival in Kresna and thus supports the efforts of the children involved. Bulgarian traditional folk music in all its forms has left a lasting impression in my work and growing my as a musician and music teacher. It will be very interesting and exciting for me to watch performances of children and to recognize the best of them. I wish success to all individual artists and ensembles and hasten to say that I count the hours until our meeting ... "- said especially for the festival organizers Mr.Levy.

Tempted by the details of the stars can get more information about Etienne Levy from his CV on Wikipedia. We hasten to add for fans that he will arrive in Kresna on the evening of 05/27/2016, will sleep in ..... and on the next day will take up its duties of honorary chairman of the jury. For now the star has not asked for anything in particular from the organizers and likely left the choice of kitchen and restaurant entirely to the home team.